Get to the Beach Before School Starts!

Get to the Beach Before School Starts! - Glennifer Lake - Glennifer Lake Properties

Summertime is when kids get to expend all that excess energy they’ve built up over the school year. This means running around in the sunshine for hours on end, water fights in the heat, and generally just being kids in the outdoors. But sometimes it’s hard to be outside when living in the busy and
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4 Great Reasons to Try a “Staycation”

4 Great Reasons to Try a “Staycation” - Gleniffer Lake - Gleniffer Lake Resorts

The moment the weather gets nicer and the snow begins to melt, we start planning our summer vacations. It’s almost as if warm weather makes us hungry for those summer leisure activities. But sometimes, for whatever reason, we aren’t able to get enough time off work or it simply isn’t feasible to fly out to
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