Get to the Beach Before School Starts!

Get to the Beach Before School Starts! - Glennifer Lake - Glennifer Lake Properties

Summertime is when kids get to expend all that excess energy they’ve built up over the school year. This means running around in the sunshine for hours on end, water fights in the heat, and generally just being kids in the outdoors. But sometimes it’s hard to be outside when living in the busy and
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4 Great Reasons to Try a “Staycation”

4 Great Reasons to Try a “Staycation” - Gleniffer Lake - Gleniffer Lake Resorts

The moment the weather gets nicer and the snow begins to melt, we start planning our summer vacations. It’s almost as if warm weather makes us hungry for those summer leisure activities. But sometimes, for whatever reason, we aren’t able to get enough time off work or it simply isn’t feasible to fly out to
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Gleniffer Lake Resort and the Summer Events Calendar!

Gleniffer Lake Resort and the Summer Events Calendar! - Glennifer Lake - Glennifer Lake Properties ALberta

If you haven’t heard, Gleniffer Lake is the place to be this summer. Not just for the views, but for the events we love to host! For those who live fulltime on the lake, the calendar of events during the summer months is such a nice reminder of the community that surrounds this gorgeous lakeside
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Gleniffer Lake: A History

Gleniffer Lake: A History - Paradise Realty - Glennifer Lake Properties

With a gorgeous beach and so much to do during the summer months, Gleniffer Lake is a hot spot for summer vacations, family get togethers, or just an escape from the hubbub of the city. Whether you’re an avid golfer or someone who just likes to drive the golf cart, someone who loves water activities
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Rent a Property at Gleniffer Lake for Your Summer Vacation!

Gleniffer Lake | Paradise Realty

Now that summer has finally shown it’s warm, smiling face, it’s time to start thinking about those summer time vacations. When we think vacation, many of us immediately picture beachside relaxation. We Albertans may not have immediate access to the ocean, but the well kept lakes within our province are the next best thing. Gleniffer
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Why Choose Gleniffer Lake as Your Home Away from Home

Gleniffer Lake | Paradise Realty

Summer came very quickly for us this year — not that we’re complaining! This means there’s more time to spend in the sunshine with family and friends! The warm weather calls for BBQs, patio parties and beach days. All of that and more can happen on Gleniffer Lake. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a
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Recreational Real Estate as an Investment


Owning a beautiful piece of property away from the city feels pretty fantastic. It provides you a home away from the hustle and bustle and loud car alarms of city life and instead offers a quiet, relaxing moment to yourself and your loved ones. With the economy the way it is and has been, however,
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Three Reasons to Try a “Staycation”


We’ve all heard the term “staycation,” but most people, especially us Albertans, might not consider “staycations” as getaways during the colder, much more bitter months of the year.  Even perhaps in summer, the term staycation might have an unusual ring to it, but when it simply isn’t feasible to fly off each year for a
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All About Phase 7

Did you know that Gleniffer Lake has been under development the last thirty years? It’s true! But all that work is finally coming to an end. The seventh, and final, phase is about to finish, and that means this may be the last great opportunity to purchase the lakeside property you’ve been dreaming of. While
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